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In all creative endeavors, my work is an exploration of the intriguing composition that makes up the world around us…the sights, the people, the sounds…the details. A process of noticing these details and then taking a step back to view detail upon detail, layered to embrace depth & time.

As an artist, I am fascinated with human nature... the ability to capture our surroundings by engaging our senses, regardless of our level of awareness. I believe that recollection is always our own version of truth, and no two people tell a story in quite the same way.

As a designer, I believe that details shape who we are & how we live…to seek the details is to engage, to engage is to experience, to experience is to be enlightened….to become inspired…to understand.

Architecture influences the order, balance & proportion while nature influences the selection & use of color & texture in my work.

Whether designing an interior space or creating an original work of art, ideally, color, form, space and light are one… the presence and skillful manipulation of each making the others more beautiful.